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The Truth About Cars is dedicated to providing candid, unbiased automobile reviews and the latest in auto industry news.
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  • 09/26/10--00:34: EAW: E-150 vs. Swagger Wagon
  • Rachel Drummond is the Swagger Wagon mom, and I think she’s as cute as the proverbial button. Sorry. I really do. Her Sienna SE, on the other hand, doesn’t do much for me. It’s expensive, it’s not all that roomy, it doesn’t tow worth a darn, and it’s a Toyota minivan.. I only have one […]

    The post EAW: E-150 vs. Swagger Wagon appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

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      Toyota’s updated Sienna isn’t going to set any hearts ablaze -or convince TTAC readers of its supremacy vis a vis our beloved Chrysler minivans – but it does have one feature so compelling that I am going to get one from the press fleet just to sample it. The available Driver Easy Speak feature […]

    The post Now You Don’t Have To Yell At Your Kids Anymore appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

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    The Toyota Sienna was America’s best-selling minivan during the month of July 2014, although Chrysler’s minivan duo combined to own a far greater portion of the market. 44.8% of all July minivan sales went Chrysler and Dodge’s way, up from 38.1% a year ago. The Grand Caravan/Town & Country twins rank first and second in the […]

    The post Cain’s Segments July 2014: Minivans appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

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    America’s minivan segment generated only 3.4% of the U.S. auto industry’s new vehicle volume in 2014, down from 5.2% in 2007. Why do automakers bother? Consider Toyota as an example. Sienna sales in 2014 rose to their highest level since 2007, but instead of accounting for slightly less than 17% of all U.S. minivan sales, […]

    The post Capsule Review: 2015 Toyota Sienna AWD appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

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    Minivans accounted for only 2.7% of the U.S. auto industry’s new vehicle volume in March 2015, a sharp drop from the 3.5% achieved by the category one year earlier. First-quarter sales of minivans in 2015 were down 12%, and the segment’s share of the industry’s new vehicle volume tumbled to 2.8% from 3.4% in the […]

    The post U.S. Minivan Sales – March 2015 YTD – Cain’s Segments appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

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    Not since January of last year had the Honda Odyssey finished a month as America’s top-selling minivan. Indeed, not since October of last year had the Toyota Sienna not been America’s best-selling minivan. But in July 2015, Odyssey sales jumped 18 percent, year-over-year, enough to overtake the Sienna on a monthly basis. America’s whole minivan category […]

    The post Chart Of The Day: Honda Odyssey Puts An End To Toyota Sienna’s Best Seller Streak appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

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    TTAC Commentator MatadorX writes: Sajeev, I am hoping you and your readership can give me some guidance as to how far to take a vehicle overhaul: mild insanity or full on broke? The vehicle in question is a 1998 Toyota Sienna XLE. It has been in the family since grandpa (who else) bought it brand new, […]

    The post Piston Slap: To Love A Sienna Like No Other? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

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    In keeping with my current life stage, a bunch of my friends own minivans. Three of my four siblings have each owned multiple minivans. I own a minivan. And this week, the test vehicle at GCBC Towers is this FCA Canada-supplied 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Limited, with a not-at-all limited array of options. As-tested, U.S. market pricing […]

    The post TTAC Consumer Clinic: Minivans And The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

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    A long ways from the 1.1 million minivans sold in 2005, U.S. sales of sliding-door people carriers are on track to rise to a nine-year high of more than 600,000 units in calendar year 2016. Through the first eight months of 2016, year-over-year minivan volume is up 19 percent in the United States, though an […]

    The post U.S. Minivan Sales Will Rise To A Nine-Year High In 2016, FCA Market Share At 45 Percent appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

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    Updated for 2015 with a revised interior, an invisible facelift, and improved LATCH access, the 2015 Toyota Sienna was nevertheless mechanically identical to the Sienna of 2011-2014. The Toyota Sienna was America’s best-selling minivan in calendar year 2015. For model year 2017, the Sienna remains visually identical and continues on the third-generation platform, but Toyota […]

    The post With 30 Extra Horses, 2017 Toyota Sienna Becomes America’s Most Powerful Minivan appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

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    Surely it’s time for a new minivan from Toyota. Despite significant interior updates for the 2015 model year and significant powertrain improvements for 2017, the third-generation Toyota Sienna that launched in 2010 is still kickin’, seven years later. First, the 2015 Kia Sedona shook things up. Then the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica confounded expectations. Landing shortly […]

    The post All-New Toyota Sienna? Not Yet: Toyota Facelifts And Updates The Seven-Year-Old Sienna, Again appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

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    The 2018 Honda Odyssey went on sale three weeks ago. The Chrysler Pacifica has only been on the market for a year. The Toyota Sienna will enjoy another refresh for the 2018 model year. If ever there was a time in which America’s minivan segment needs to shine, the second-half of 2017 is it. Minivan sales tumbled […]

    The post After a Dreadful Start, 2017’s Second Half Is the Minivan’s Time To Shine – but Can the Segment Recover? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

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    Eight years ago, American consumers, businesses, and governments acquired only 10.4 million new vehicles. Sound like a lot? The U.S. auto industry generated an average of 16 million new vehicle sales in the five years leading up to 2009; 16.3 million annually over the last half-decade. With the overall market’s collapse, it’s not surprising to […]

    The post America’s Minivan Segment on Track for Worst Year Since 2009 – the Depths of the Recession appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

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    It was quicker, quieter, more fuel efficient, and less expensive, but the all-new 2018 Honda Odyssey failed to win its first Car and Driver minivan comparison test. The fifth-gen Odyssey is also the newest minivan redesign. The Toyota Sienna was updated for 2017 with a new powertrain but remains in large part the same minivan […]

    The post The 2018 Honda Odyssey Just Lost a Minivan Comparison Test (*Shock Horror Gasp*) appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

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    You’d think the advent of dedicated electric vehicle platforms would breed a new era of flat-floored minivans, but most automakers just aren’t interested in going that route — internal combustion or otherwise. There’s no electric Chevrolet Venture on the horizon, nor will Ford resurrect the Aerostar in EV form and name it after a late […]

    The post Minivans Sales Show Some Buoyancy in the U.S., but Only Because of Two Automakers appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

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    Yes, you read the headline correctly — this is indeed a review, running in June 2018, of a 2017 model year vehicle. Chalk it up to other priorities (after all, writing isn’t my full-time gig) but honestly, it doesn’t really matter in this case. Toyota hasn’t really made significant changes its minivan since the early […]

    The post 2017 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD Review – Well-Aged Swagger appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

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    As the Ford Aerostar and Toyota Previa fade from our collective memory, one could be forgiven for thinking minivans were always a front-drive proposition. As for winter-beating all-wheel drive, a laundry list of crossovers and SUV fill that buying space, poaching sales from the once-hot minivan segment. Still, one model continues offering four-wheel traction for […]

    The post 2019 Toyota Sienna: Bringing All-wheel Drive to More of the Masses appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

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    Toyota Motor Corp. is set to drop about $500 million into Uber Technologies Inc. under an agreement that will see both companies work jointly on self-driving vehicles. The ultimate goal is for Toyota to bring to market its own autonomous vehicles using some of Uber’s hardware, with direct access to its ride-sharing network. According to the automaker, […]

    The post Toyota Investing $500 Million Into Uber for Driverless Partnership appeared first on The Truth About Cars.